Where Have I been? Listening to Great Music!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello there dear readers! Hope everyone is doing well! I have been "recovering" from helping my husband with a music clinic at our church. The reason why I'm recovering is because I've been extra tired these days now that I am on the third trimester of my pregnancy. It was a joy to work with Zeke, we both had an amazing time. I had the kids with me every time I went in to help him. It was quite challenging managing diaper changes and work but we made it work cause our kids are so great and were just excited to be closer to Papai during the day for a few hours. Here are a few photos of the weekend:
Here is Zeke speaking during the Friday Night Showcase. We had a good turn out, too bad more people could not come to hear such amazing music! 
Here are some of the musicians who helped us last weekend. I wasn't around them the whole time (Hello? I had to work the conference, care for 2 toddlers and the baby girl in my uterus) but the little time I spent with this group of guys was really fun. I kept thinking about the Podcast I recorded with Zeke a while ago on successful relationships with musicians mostly because these gentlemen are really committed to their families and work diligently to the glory of God and to provide for their families. I'm seriously thinking about doing a follow up post on the Married Musician. Let me know if anyone out there is interested.
Now that I'm back to my real life, we're back to playgroup, story time and the gym. I noticed I'm still pretty tired but that's a subject I'll explore during my next Pregnancy update. Thanks for reading everyone!
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