Pregnancy: Week 35

Friday, May 25, 2012

Time is going by fast! It's almost birth day! Okay, not really, I'm just really excited about meeting our new daughter in less than month. Here is what's going on in my world:
• I have been feeling fantastic! I continue to exercise (walk) 3 times a week and my energy level is still very good. Here's a photo of me waiting for a treadmill in the gym:
• I've been blessed with a lot of baby swag. Whether through an exchange with other moms at MOPS or Baby Shower gifts, God's been faithful to His word: you reap what you sow! Here's a pic of the swag I got at my last MOPS meeting:

• None at this time, thankfully!

Extra Info: 
•  I've going to the hospital for weekly check ups since week 32 of my pregnancy. As you can see in this picture, I get strapped to a machine for my non-stress test (NST) then I get an ultrasound so the nurse can see baby girl practicing breathing among other fun things. I get to see her do all kind of acrobatics such as put her foot close to her head, grab her toes, etc. Highly entertaining child this is!

• I'm starting to get the sense that it would be a good idea to further prepare for this birth. I haven't packed the hospital bag yet but that's on my list of things to do. I'm also thinking about getting her initial (the one thing we do have, now we need the rest of her name) dolled up at our hospital room door. We'll see!
• At this point my c-section has been scheduled, which gives me another clue that this is really happening! My mother arrives in the States soon, and we cannot wait to see her. My husband and I talk about it every day! My thought is: once my mom is here, baby girl can be born whenever :)
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