Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Stomach Bug Extended Weekend

It was a stomach bug extended weekend around here. I was praying no one else was going to get it but my daughter got it on Friday, my husband on Sunday night then myself and my son on Monday. 
Apparently I got the bug earlier during my second pregnancy. The interesting thing is that I always manage to “look” like the bug (BIG SMILE).
Because most parenting books don’t tell you about days like this, I want to share just how we coped:
• Prayer - without ceasing. It kept us focused and hopeful throughout the whole thing.
• We Called the Doctor - it was good to get some advice because the variety of things you hear from others is overwhelming.
• We kept the Kids comfortable - nothing more assuring than to stay comfortable either with your lovey on the couch or on mamãe’s lap.  
• We stayed comfortable - I never forgot how pregnant I am. It was hard work but we were able to rest and stay comfortable. The kids needed parents who are well.
• We focused on the positive - thank God for the holiday! God knows we don’t choose when we get the bug but this was actually a ‘good’ day to get it. With my husband at home I had a lot of time to recover and take care of my son. Because my daughter had recovered, we were also able to have an end in mind when it came to symptoms.

I pray that you had an amazing holiday weekend with no bugs at all. What are some of the ways your family copes when more than one member is sick?