Apps for Mothers of Infants

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three years ago I used to manually write down everything my babies were doing: from dirty diapers to how long they slept and let's not forget the endless feedings. Once I got a smart phone I dreamed of an App that would do all of that for me. I even asked for info on Twitter but never heard back from anyone. This time around I have found two apps that have made my mommy life a breeze.

Feed Baby graph

Feed Baby

Labor and Delivery Nurses beware: I am a believer in Feed Baby! I was asked to write things down in the hospital but who wants to do that if an App can easily manage that?
The free version of Feed Baby has helped me keep up with feedings and it also serves as an alarm clock. It also records diaper changes like a champ. Here’s more information on this wonder App.

iBaby graph


I also use this app but to measure diaper changes. I think it’s because I like the graphs better (shame on me) but I know that iBaby has some of hte similar functionality that Feed Baby offers. Here’s more information.

If you are in that season when every pooped diaper need to be accounted for, take advantage of these wonder apps for the Droid.
• What are your favorite Apps for babies?
jaime said...

I WISH I had known about these apps 10 months ago!! :)

Cintia Listenbee said...

I know! After my first one I was looking to make this process easier :)