Leadership Dysfunction: Nursing your Flaws

Friday, June 1, 2012

Once you become a mother you hear a lot of about nursing. I've written a whole lot about nursing as well (and will keep writing with baby number 3 on her way) but today I wanted you to consider the following statement: "Whatever you nurse grows."

Nursing is an amazing thing when used for the right purposes: we nurse children, we nurse sick adults to health. We also nurse bad habits and dysfunction for years. Nursing can be so natural. Your motherly instinct leads you to feed a hungry infant just as your dysfunction leads you to feed your flaws.

During my dysfunctional years I fed my flaws by cultivating my anxiety. I did not exercise regularly and I fed my body anything that was greasy (I mean, "easy"). I look back at those years and say no wonder my blood pressure went out of control and my weight went all the way up (no pregnancies involved). Whatever I nursed, grew. In my case, it was anxiety and its side effects.

What does it take to reverse this cycle? The principle is to Stop feeding your dysfunction. For me it was a process while some may tell you they can quit cold turkey. Here are some small steps:
Recognize what you are nursing - if you don't see what you are doing as dysfunctional, no need to get in the process. A loving friend would be able to help you in this process as well.
Get an "unlatch" plan - if you are dealing with anger for example, are there any books you can read? Is there a counseling session you can attend? The key here is not to do what you've done before because if it had worked you wouldn't be nursing, correct?
Get accountability - Nursing a dysfunction can be such an enduring habit that you may fall  right back into your old habits. Accountability is part of your staying free from bondage strategy.

What do you need to unlatch today?

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Rachelle Wooten said...

Thanks for encouraging me with this post! There are a couple of things I need to unlatch but all of them could be summed up with bad habits. I have recognized them for some time but I've discovered I've been trying to unlatch in my own strength. Now, I am praying more so that God can finish the good work He has started.