A Taste of Slow

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things are getting ready to really slow down as I give birth to our third baby in a few weeks. Slow is really not my part of my personality but motherhood has a way of forcing me into accepting the reality of this unique season. There's a lot of renewal that wouldn't happen otherwise. 
I've struggled with it before: I get home from having a c-section and my body can't really move as fast as I'd like. The pain is a reminder that healing takes place in the sweetness and calmness of a slower season. I don't think I have ever experienced my body and mind working so distinctively as I do when recovering from a c-section. I want to move faster but my doesn't allow me. So I get a good taste of slow. 
Slow is not always bad. There's something peaceful about surrendering to the healing process. If it wasn't for childbirth I would never really slow down. It's just not part of who I am but if I want to recover, I need that taste of slow. 
My husband said it's foolish to work on a car while it's running. It's important to stop, get some work done and then move on without any issues. I see recovery from childbirth the same way. Labor and delivery are a big deal but recovery is extremely important. When you stop recover well your new baby and family enjoy a healthier, stronger woman in their lives.
It is true that the real work begins once a baby is born. The work of God in me to make me and mold me into a better and more mature woman. Psalm 34:8 talk about tasting. It also says there is a blessing in trusting God. My challenge for the next few months is to trust that there is goodness in slowing down, staying out of the loop and simply enjoying this season of life. I know that if all my natural resources fail I can always do this in moderation: 
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