The Healthy Bee: Post-Pregnancy

Monday, July 30, 2012

I must confess: post-pregnancy life is not easy. I have been recovering from a major surgery and making sure that I resume all of my pre-surgery activities. I'm taking less responsibilities outside of my "natural sphere" and just making sure my husband and kids are loved on really well. 
My mother is leaving this week so I have been preparing mentally for that. The only thing I wanted to do before she left was to find a certain document so I could get started on getting Brazilian passports for the kids. Thank God that's done, so I feel awesome. 
The whole time mãe (is what I call her) was here, I was either preparing to give birth or recovering from it. God knows how big of a blessing she is to all of us. We had an amazing time and now it's my turn to go to Brasil. Can you sense a blog post about traveling internationally with 3 kids? Stay tuned.
I have also made sure that I started exercising again. Here is my mileage for the past year: 
Last July I was on my best shape running, competing and getting ready to move to the great state of Texas. This July I am starting from zero by walking a few times a week. The goal for this week is to walk 3 times. I'm not ready to blog about my weight loss efforts yet but as soon as I get my photos together I'll start a series so you can encourage me as I get back into marathon shape. I have also found a family doctor and I am very excited about that. I want to have doctor's supervision as I control my high blood pressure. I still believe that I can get out of medication. We'll see what happens as I get in shape for health purposes. 
I am very aware that my priority are these four wonderful people. They need (and deserve) me to  get stronger so that our home can continue to be a peaceful, nurturing place.
On my next post I will tell you about my daughter's second birthday party. It was a family party just because I didn't have it in me to host a big bash. I am positive I won't get away with it next year so I took advantage of my youngest being 6 weeks and resting a little bit from party planning gone wild. Have an amazing day and please be encouraged to start taking better care of your heath. Take small but steady steps. Your loved ones will appreciate your quality of life improving.
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Go, healthy 'Bee!!!