Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another week is starting! Today I'm reflecting a little bit on the weekend. Last week I started writing down everything I eat, only to get frustrated at the end of the week. I used my diary a lot as well as the food journal. Thank God for new beginnings, right?
This is my husband wearing red shoes at church. It was college & career/singles choir Sunday so the look was less traditional. My second Sunday back at church was fun. My sister and my mom were with me so I got a lot of help with the kids. I even stayed for the last service solo and got to enjoy fellowship by myself for a little bit. I also noticed I'm less freaked out about the baby being among people, probably cause this is our third time around. We have been really looking forward to getting to our new normal and church is a big part of our lifestyle.
This is me on Sunday afternoon. We arrived home a bit late so the kiddos were awake. I stayed up hanging out with them. I employed the help of a cup of coffee as well as a Barney video. We later had a family birthday party for my daughter and my sister whose birthdays are this week. I noticed I'm wearing the same dress I wore for my daughter's first birthday party. Note to self: be sure to change for the actual birthday (smile).
I hope everyone has a great week. I know I'm still recovering from the weekend. A good nap will be wise today. Let's see what happens.