2 Birthday Parties for my 2-year-old

Monday, August 6, 2012

My girl turned 2! We did a photo shoot to celebrate the occasion. She looked divine and really had fun with these wings. 
Party number one came when my sister and my nephew was here visiting. The party was simple but lots of fun - it doesn't take much to entertain kids, right? My husband loved this brownie/cheesecake dessert.
This is cake number two. Our friends told us about a great Hispanic bakery so we got this tres leches cake there. It was small, perfect size for a family birthday party. It was really tasty too!
So this is our annual mother/daughter photo. By this time she had taken so many photos that we had to tickle to get a nice smile. Whatever it takes, right? I made the bowl she's wearing.
We're sneaking in as many family photo opps as we can. This is our lastest and greatest.
We are so thankful to God for our family. Birthdays are a reason to celebrate the blessings He has lovingly placed in our lives. We do not take our kids for granted, we know they are God's and we are so blessed to be their parents.