The Week in Instagram Photos

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I saw a tweet from @MochaDad about this jar which made me curious. Went to the store and could not resist. It tastes good but it does not end my allegiance to Nutella.
Manicures add a lot pf joy to my week. This is the color I chose for this week. Went on the lighter side for a change - and because my mother left all her nail polish here. The one on the left (Impala) is a Brazilian brand.
I bought the sweetest nectaries in the store this week. Better than any processed dessert I've had. I keep telling me that cause I must limit my dessert intake to birthdays and holidays only. I'll get there.
 I'm always in search of encouragement. This week I found it in this Podcast.
 I'm reading this book by @LisaBevere for the second time. Awesome read if you are single or a mother.
I've been walking 3 times a week for the past few weeks. Early mornings are peaceful.
My friend Shevonne told me that if you mix these 3 ingredients together you get a Natural Mousse. I'm not a big fan of avocados but I know they're good for me. I didn't have natural cocoa, so nesquick did it.
I used this to take dinner to my husband last night. I bought it at Ikea for $5. What a great investment!
Hope you have a great weekend my friend! Let's make memories and take photos of fun moments.