The Week in Instagram Pictures

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Unlike riding a bike, you can forget a lot unless you practice the guitar. This week I realized I have a long way til I 'get back in shape.'
 My friend gave me some great tea! I've been enjoying this at night after the kids go to sleep with some organic agave.
 My amazing husband took me on a surprise date: we saw Madame Butterfly, performed by the Houston Ballet. It was sooo beautiful! Afterwards we went out to eat at a place that had a live band. It was a joyful dinner! I told Zeke my love tank was full.
 I had two good runs this week plus two good walks. My goal is to build my resistance and running base so I'll run between 3-5 miles, three times a week. Then we can start training for a half or a full marathon.
 In my search for good dark chocolate I found this. My favorite this far. I also think that anything over 60% is quite bitter to my taste.
 This is the best cleaner ever. It smells great. Your house will actually be happy you used this. I wish this was a sponsored post but it isn't, thus, you can trust my opinion. Say goodbye to your regular cleaners good people!
Last but not least, my house got a little pice of Autumn when I got some of our Fall decor out. The tradition since last year has been to go to the pumpkin patch to take pictures. This year we have one more little one who will join the fun. We're so looking forward to it!
What was the highlight of your week?