My Top 5 Family Podcasts

Monday, October 22, 2012

I listen to Podcasts because I don't believe in allowing my mind to "zone out"aimlessly during the day. I believe in setting my mind or thinking on purpose. I am always seeking to be a better wife and mother, so I wanted to share with you the Podcasts that positively influence me to achieve this goal.

1 • Living on the Edge - Chip Ingram is an amazing teacher of the Word of God. I always get practical Bible applications when I listen to this Podcast.
2 • Marriage Today - I think I found out about Pastor Jimmy and Karen Evans during the first year of my marriage. They have been through difficult situations in their own lives and have a passion to see marriages succeed. I find their advice to be Bible based and very sound.
3 • Focus on the Family - I like the variety of topics I hear on Focus on the Family. This Podcast never gets boring or predictable because of the different guests they have every day. They also have Podcasts focused on Parenting, Marriage, etc.
4 • Family Life Today - I like the passion and the tone the hosts of this Podcast. They want families to be strong and it is their mission in life to invest in the wholeness of families. I hear about great books (such as Sex begins in the Kitchen by Dr. Leman) through this Podcast and I sometimes buy and read them.
5 • Zig Ziglar - I have been listening to Zig Ziglar since we moved to Houston last year. I'd listen to one of his amazing Podcasts during my runs, which was a recipe for an amazing day. I love the genuine inspiration, wise advice and the love he has for Christ and His power to change lives.

QUESTION • Do you listen to Podcasts? What are your favorite family Podcasts?