Scripture Study Journal

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I haven't written in a journal for a while but decided to start again this week. My wonderful husband is on staycation, which means I have waaay more time to myself. I've been mostly resting and enjoying time with our family this week. I've been exercising as well, and during one of my Prayer Walks I was led to explore I Peter 3:4. I took this example of how to start a Scripture Study Journal:

This is what my journal is looking like - notice how I am not following the Pinterest example by heart:
While studying Scriptures, I usually type my thoughts and format into a devotional or talk. This new type of process is nice because it doesn't have to be as structured and I am getting a lot out of it: because there's no pressure to arrive somewhere you know what I mean?
I am stuck at the "gentle and peaceful" spirit part of the verse. I am exploring what it is, what it isn't, etc. Today I finished this process by thinking about how inner peace produces outer peace with Jesus as an example. My prayer is that by the creative study of the Scriptures, I can reflect and influence a peaceful environment everywhere I go.
QUESTION • What are some of the creative ways you use to study the Bible?