The Week in Instagram Photos

Saturday, October 20, 2012

 I was so excited about running my first 3 miles in the park I didn't get photos of my friend Janna and I when we finished. I did get this nice photo tough. I got lost on my way back home. Houston is a lovely city to see, whether you are lost or not!
I am trying to get better about keeping some type of color in my nails. My motivation was the time off my awesome husband gave me and a Pajama party I attended with my mommy friends from MOPS.
I love my friends. I need to also say that I am known to enjoy chocolate. This fountain was the highlight of the party for me. Other than the great conversation with my friends, that is :)
I am really enjoying reading. The more I watch television, the more I want to turn it off and read. I am glad that there are some days I don't sit in front of the TV at all. I do indulge in Netflix occasionally but reading has been my to go activity when I need to zone out.
I have been giving away lemons from our trees for a few weeks. It's been a joy to offer it to neighbors and friends. This changes that famous phrase a little. It now goes: "If Cintia gives you lemons..." I would hope that people enjoy lemonade, lemon vinaigrette, lemon bars, cakes... Giving is a lot of fun.

Last Sunday we started Missions Sunday at our church. People wore clothes from their native countries and we learned more about the missions our church supports all over the world. I had the privilege to sing in my native language which is Portuguese. I don't do it often (outside of the house) so that was a treat.
• What was the highlight of your week?