NaBloPoMo: Decision Day

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's amazing how life changes in 4 years. The big news for us 4 years ago was that we were expecting our first child. A few months later we rejoiced with the historic election of President Barack Obama. I'm not a US Citizen but as a citizen of Brasil I assure you, the whole world is interested in the result of the elections, so we will all be waiting and watching for the results. While we do not get them, I hope all people who are able vote and let their voices be heard. It's a great thing to live in a place where you have this right.
Let's think about what Decision Day may mean for a person who is trying to make positive changes in their lives. When you vote for personal change, that's when your Decision Day happens. Sitting at a doctor's office being treated for high blood pressure, that's when my Decision Day happened. I voted for change and have worked to uphold my decision ever since. We all have a chance to be part of Decision Days that may not be related to politics. We all can make the decision to be healthier, more giving, more patient, more peaceful. Why not take advantage of the atmosphere of the election and make your Decision Day the day you become a better you?
What is this?

Rachelle Wooten said...

I love how you tied in the election with the decisions we all make on a daily basis! I've recently made a decision to give up sweets for a number of reasons. I find it gets easier to say no with each day! Thanks for sharing.