NaBloPoMo: Exercise during the Holidays

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I have learned that making excuses not to workout during the holidays lead to weight gain and much misery. I decided to make the extra effort to workout anyway just because it is such a good habit to maintain. Working out during the holidays is a sure way to fight the extra pounds we tend to pick up during turkey feast. It also helps to ease the tension of difficult family gatherings. I have learned to be honest with myself and don't set impossible goals. My goal is to get 3 workouts this week and 3 next week. This is a photo of me in the gym about to get some much needed resistance training:  

Yes, I take pictures of myself in the gym (when no one seems to be looking) and post it on Instagram. It's funny when there's someone behind me making an 'ugly workout face,' but today there were not that many people around. 
I want to encourage you to go out for a walk during the holidays. It will be a great habit to keep for the rest of the year! 
QUESTION • How consistent are your exercise habits during the holiday?
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