NaBloPoMo: My Sunday Mornings

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sundays are busy (yet fruitful) days for us. My husband is a worship pastor so we are at church pretty early in the morning. Today I am reminded of how God gave us children who love to go to church.  
The key to get three kids, 3 and under ready to be at church really early in the morning is to be ready the night before. When diaper bags and their clothes are ready to go, it is easier to go to church. 90% of the time I take our food to church. I believe the sugary donuts and carb loaded kolaches are not the best option for toddlers (and adults as a matter of fact) who spend around 6 hours in church every Sunday. I pack their oatmeal, fruit and milk and off to church we go. I'm always amazed at how well my youngest one has adapted to our routine. My favorite thing is to see her smile when I pick her up from the church nursery. She literally rejoices when I pick her up and take her home.  
Today the time has changed back 1 hour here in the U.S. My kids were so excited about going to church they woke up before 5 a.m. (thus I type). I am thankful to God for giving us kids who enjoy going to church with us. I am also thankful that most of the time I am prepared for our Sunday mornings at church. 
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