NaBloPoMo: Peers are Important

Friday, November 16, 2012

I was friendless when I arrived in Houston. I was eager to make new friends. Believe it or not, I made my first friend outside of church at the Public Library. Erika embraced me and my kids and included me in her world. I will never forget her kindness, I treasure her friendship. A couple of months later I was blessed to get into MOPS. I didn't know there was a waiting list for the group, all I know is that God made a way for me to get in. MOPS is an incredible support system. I have met so many lovely women people who are in the same season in life as I am!  
Last night I had the honor to serve with some of the ladies from our MOPS Groups at a Young Lives meeting. I heard about the group but to actually see the teen moms was an amazing experience. I was really thankful for the opportunity to serve. Here's a picture of me handling the drinks.
 This is some of the ladies from our group who were serving.
 This morning the theme of our meeting was "SPA Day." We made a couple of treats for ourselves and for the ladies from Young Lives. Here are some of the ladies putting some hard work into the lotions.
 These are my beauty products.
I've been really thankful to God for a group of peers who do not cease to love on me and support me in this season of life. They so get me. I love all my friends but I am certain that the ones who are in a different season as I am do not want to hear about my kid's every activity. My mommy peers don't mind because I want to hear all about their kid's activities: from the funny things they are saying to their sleeping habits. 
Peers are so important. There is assurance that we are not alone and that someone out there understands what I am going through. There's also a lot of encouragement that happens from peer to peer. I am thankful to God for opening the doors for me to be a part of MOPS. What an exciting season of life!
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