Music: my sweetest memories

Sunday, December 30, 2012

As long as I can remember I have been part of some type of music ministry. The memory of my first solo at church (which I successfully avoided once but didn't get away with it that next Sunday) is tatooed in my memory. The teachings about the gifts God gives are still very much alive through the words of parents and grandparents.
My husband is a musician and we don't see our lives outside of music. We are thankful for the gift of being able to do all kinds of things with music: from writing to performing, to leading worship to supporting others in their careers.
The sweetest memories I have of music are not the ones of me winning national music competitions in Brasil or my husband winning recognition for his amazing gift. My best memories come from the simplicity of hearing my mother and my grandmother sing unaccompanied, for the joy of it.
As I mature in life and ministry, I see the importance of enjoying music for music's sake, as God created. I know that I won't always sound the way I sound today because my voice will change as I age. I think that 90-year-old me won't sound like 32-year-old me but I will still sing unto to the Lord a new song.
Singing for approval gets weary, singing for acceptance gets empty but singing for joy brings strength that only God can give. I sing because life is worth a song. Whether it is a sweet song wishing my kids good mourning or a melody to convince them to nap, music coming from my lips has the power to add sweetness to every moment of life.
I can see how my kids are discovering music for themselves as well. They sing themselves to sleep, repeat songs they learn at church or ask us to join them in dancing. Music fills every moment of their lives with movements of joy.
I am looking forward to making music memories in 2013. Not for the whole world to see but so our lives in this side of heaven can be sweeter, happier and filled with praise.
Today I am thankful for music as God intended: for the use of everyone and anyone who wants a little joy to fill their hearts. Simple, unaccompanied or not, music is such an amazing thing we all are capable of making. I pray that your new year is filled with joyful noises.

Anonymous said...

Darn. I was thinking this was leading to a vlog of you singing. ;)

LifenotesEncouragement said...

This is beautiful. I so appreciate your insight though I don't comment often.

Have a wonderfully blessed new year.