The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I met a lot of fascinating people this year but I wanted to highlight these 10-ish. My only requirement was that they are alive and we interacted in person this year. Here's my list.

10. Tina - I met Tina a couple of years ago in North Carolina. Tina is my living reminder to cultivate creativity. She's an amazing wife, mother, artist and a great friend. I also admire the way she raised her sons. The results speak of a woman who is totally dedicated to her family and loves them without limits. I had a chance to spend a little time with her this year and I do no cease to be amazed by who she is and the love she shows towards me and my family.
9. Mrs. Rachel - this woman loves my children: they call her grandma and they are always talking about her. God placed this special love in her heart for us and I am so thankful for her. Mrs. Rachel comes from royalty. Her folks in Nigeria lived in a palace and they even had streets named after them. She's an educated woman who loves God and his people. She's humble and wise. I will never forget the kindness she shows me every day.
8. Caitlin - she unintentionally gave birth in her bed this year. I met Caitlin at MOPS and I am amazed not only at her birth story but at how she raises her kids with love, laughter and kindness. We have kids around the same age, so I understand what she goes through on a daily basis. This lady always impresses me because of the peace she carries inside. It makes an impression on me and it reminds that love comes first when raising kids.
7. Roberta - my high school friend came to see me all the way in Houston! She fascinates me because of the amazing fact that our friendship is still growing strong. I love her genuine heart and amazing humor. She made me feel like a million bucks and continues to do so.
6. Janna - she moved to Houston a couple of months ago and I have been so blessed to connect with her. Janna is an encourager. She has achieved a lot in her life and career but what really fascinates about her is her gentle and loving heart. We have some of the same interests and hobbies. I thank God for reconnecting me with Janna and for the love I experience when I am around her.
5. Ilona - this woman is one of the few people who have known me for years and have loved me deeply in different seasons of my life. She lost her husband Earnie, who was a father figure to me, this year. She has known me for more than 10 years. Ilona reminds me of my 18-year-old self and all the amazing possibilities ahead of me. She also reminds me that it is so easy to achieve my dreams because she will be there every step of the way cheering me on.
4. Chriscy - I met her a few years ago but really connected with her during our Thanksgiving holidays. She's married to Zeke's cousin so we have attended a lot of family functions together over the years. I have always admired her integrity, her dedication to her family and her sense of humor. I have gained a lot of wisdom on parenting from her. The priceless, unsaid things I learned from her are: be yourself and let the love you have for your family speak for itself. I am so blessed to have this incredible woman in my life.
3. My Mother - every time I have a kid I wonder how in the world my mom managed to successfully parent 5 of us. I love spending time with my mother as an adult. She's an encourager, she's always teaching us new things and we get to drink coffee together all day. My mother never ceases to fascinate me.
2. My Kids - Seeing the world through their eyes has been an amazing experience. They are teaching me that I need to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in order to be a good parent. They remind me to just have fun and enjoy every day. I love their sense of humor and every little thing about them is fascinating. To say that I love my kids is not enough to express how I feel about them, I'm just plain blessed.
1. Zeke - This man has known me deeply and loved me unconditionally. He's committed to me in every aspect of his life. I am fascinated by the way he thinks, his creative mind and the way he sees the world around him. He's my protector, my provider, my husband, the love of my life. He's my "exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask or imagine" on a husband.