12 Creative Date Ideas for Marriage

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tired of the old dinner and a movie combination? Here are 12 date ideas to spice up your married life. Try one, try all and let me know if you have some extra ideas in the comment section.

1Couple's Cooking Class - bond with your spouse in a hands-on atmosphere, learn to cook an amazing meal together and savor the fruit of your labor.
2Couple's Painting Class - this instructional art with your spouse may include the beverage of your choice and a lively instructor to guide the process. If you go online you can see the paiting ahead of time and make plans for when you want to attend. The paintings makes a great, personal gift or a great addition to your home collection.
3Ballroom Dance - Have you danced since your first dance as husband and wife? What about the occasional wedding? Taking a dance class together guarantees that you will shine the next time you dance together at a party or at home by yourselves. The main thing is to have fun together.
4 • Pottery class - discover this ancient art with your spouse during a special date night. You will express your creativity, get dirty and take your creations home in the process. Maybe one of you will discover a new hobby.
5 • Faith Based Classes - churches offer classes for couples with a variety of topics. Parenting, money management and marriage are some of the topics these classes cover. My husband and I have taken several classes together and it has been really helpful to our marriage.
6 • Poetry Night - whether you go to participate or to listen, a poetry night is a great option for a creative date night. Surprising your date with a poem on an open night mic is sure to score some awesome love points!
7 • Exercise - whether you take a class or sign up for a sporting event, exercise makes an incredible date option. Running a 5K together or waking up early for that Bootcamp class is sure to bond you with your spouse and add to your health.
8 • City Tour - Have you seen all that is to see in your city? Taking a city tour would open your eyes to your city in a new way. You will probably learn more about the place where you live get some amazing photo opportunities.
9 • Photography Class - this creative date would really help you bond with your spouse by seeing the world through their photography. Photography is a great hobby and learning the basics will ensure awesome family photos for years to come.
10 • Foreign Language Class - have you ever wished you spoke a foreign language? Use this creative date night idea to invest in that part of your brain. A trip to a country where the language is spoken would be a great reward for taking up on this idea!
11 • Day Trip - no matter where you live, I bet there is a nice place you can get to within a few hours. Plan a day trip to a nice spot surrounding you and experience a day outside of your normal routine. It will feel like you went on a vacation but not really.
12 • Health Class - Acquiring knowledge through a health class is a great date night idea. Whether you are interested in Veganism or First Aid, there is a health class out there for you. The advantage of this creative date is that the more you know the greater improvements in your own health you will be inclined to make.