4 ways to find your Sweet Spot

Friday, January 18, 2013

"What I am good at?" "What are my gifts and talents?" Some people spend a lifetime wondering. What I call your "Sweet Spot" is the answer to these questions.
Simply put, your Sweet Spot is something you are incredibly good at. The gift, the talent that God gave you and you alone. For some people it is very obvious since childhood. For others, it takes years to discern what their Sweet Spot is. Once you find it, you wonder why you spent so much time doing everything else.

When you function on your Sweet Spot it recharges you. It has been said that in order to do what you love you must love what you do. When you love what you do you find enjoyment in it. 
We all have resources. The most obvious resource we have is time. When in your Sweet Spot, you are able to make incredible things happen with time. A potter creates amazing pots. Painters create beautiful paintings. Chefs create new recipes that please the taste buds. Time is enjoyable and purposeful in your Sweet Spot. I wonder what your Sweet Spot is.
Let's back up a couple of steps and assume that you are not one of those people who knew in the depths of your being what your Sweet Spot is at 4 years of age. How in the world will you find your Sweet Spot in adulthood? Here are a couple of ideas:
Ask people who know you well what are your strengths. I heard Joyce Meyer say that we will be accountable for our strengths, not for our weaknesses. It is wise to focus on our Sweet Spot because it is enjoyable and less frustrating. She says that she once tried to play the guitar, plant a garden and none of that work. When she decided on focus on her strength (public speaking, writing), life became much better. I also think that she was able to help a greater number of people when she was on her Sweet Spot. 
Journal. Take some time to write down your dreams and visions. Write down the things that inspire you. How can your natural abilities help you reach your dreams and visions?
Take a Test. I heard that in American High School you can go through Interest Assessment. It is worth trying to do that as an adult and in order to discern what your Sweet Spot is. 
Pray about it. No, I couldn't leave this one out. I believe that through prayer God can lead you and guide you to your Sweet Spot. I believe He created you for a purpose and it is always a good idea to ask the Creator how can the creation be used. A water glass was not created to be a bathtub although they both hold water. We all have a purpose and prayer is an amazing way to discern it.

QUESTION • What is your Sweet Spot? Are you living in it? If not, how to do you hope to do that?
Rebeca said...

Cintia, eu n sei qual é meu Sweet Spot. Quando adolescente eu me preocupava em descobrir, qnd eu tinha 20 anos eu sofria por n saber e achava q n era boa em nada.

Por isso parei de pensar a respeito.
Tá na hora de descobrir, né?