How do I encourage my Spouse to Workout?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

For 9 years my husband and I have always been on a quest for good health. My husband has always been encouraging towards me. He never points out my failures but always encourages me to go on and be a better person. Encouragement is something I strive to give him daily.
When I changed my mind for good about health, I wanted my husband to do the same thing I was doing. We even went to a health coach together but his journey was so different than mine. I remember being frustrated and even crying about it in front of the health coach. Thank God I decided to change my approach and use the following tools to encourage my husband to live a healthier lifestyle:

1. Stop Preaching, Start Living • there is nothing less pleasant than to be constantly confronted with one's failures. Living what I believe has made more of an impact than any book I can force my husband to read or any nutrition class I may force him to attend. Nothing yields more results than peacefully living what you believe.
2. Encouragement • I once took a 30 day challenge to be more encouraging to my husband. If you feel like your husband needs to improve in his health habits, Encouragement is a powerful weapon. Criticism leaves scars, encouragement brings healing. Encouraging your husband will change the atmosphere of your home. He will feel like anything is possible and change is within reach. Take an account of the words you speak to your husband about his health habits: are they critical or encouraging?
3. Make it Easy • Once your husband decides to change his lifestyle, be sure to make it easy for him to exercise and eat a healthier diet. In our family we make sure that each spouse has between 3 to 5 free hours per week so they can workout. Before my husband goes to the gym I make sure the earphones are ready and his iPod is charged. We both agreed on what types of food we want to eat so when he comes home for dinner all of us enjoy the vegetables and legumes we all like. I also believe that when I help my husband I am helping myself and our whole family. We are really making sure that our lives have great quality because we are investing in our health.

So, how will you encourage your spouse to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle?

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