Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Find a Marriage Counselor

The longer I am married, the more I appreciate the benefits of Christian Counseling. My husband and I, who will celebrate 7 years of marriage this week, really believe in getting healthier through Counseling.  We haven't always been able to work all our issues between the two of us, so having a marriage counselor has been a healthy way to find resolution.

So, how do you get to the Counselor's couch with your spouse?
• Both spouses need to agree to go. I heard Pastor Jimmy Evans say that when couple's can't agree on a big issue, you call a counselor first instead of taking extreme measures. If you are open to go but your spose is not sure, prayer can always help.

Once you're there, how does it work?
• You basically talk about the issues you are having and get some insight from the counselor.

How do you find a good counselor?
• When we were in North Carolina we had an awesome Christian Counseling Center next to our church (you can hear my interview with one of the counselors here). When we moved here we knew no one. Last year I was blessed to hear a Christian Counselor speaking locally so I told my husband about her. If you have no one around you to give you a reference, I would search through the  American Association of Christian Counselors or ask your pastor.

I highly encourage you to find a counselor and see your marriage thrive and grow. Don't wait until things get really bad, start the good habit of seeking counseling as a habit. 

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