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Sunday, January 6, 2013

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2013 brought about some good habits I need to keep for the rest of my year such as being better organized for church on Sunday. We spend around 6 hours at church most Sundays, which means I need to get 3 kids, 3 and under ready for 3 services, Sunday School and all the fun stuff in between. Preparing the day before is always a good idea. Here's a strategy I plan on keeping: 

1. Saturday, Hair Day - I comb my kids' hair daily but the washing and combing I do on Saturday makes my life easier on Sunday morning. I try to detangle and do the 'boring stuff' several times a week so Sunday morning can be a breeze. The more hair my middle child grows, the more I am favoring braiding. Here's a Saturday photo of her with a nice fro.
2. Back Packs, Clothes and Food - Cooking oatmeal the night before makes it easier just to take it to church and reheat it there. I favor cooking oatmeal because it's much better than the doughnuts and kolaches I could buy on the way to church. I also think about the amount of hours our kids stay at church. I feel better knowing that they had a good breakfast. 
I make sure there are plenty diapers and an extra outfit on their backpacks the night before to go ahead and put it in the car. My goal is to take one less step when it's time to load the van and go to church. 
I also find that when I have their outfits ready on Saturday night my morning is much more efficient.  Here's a photo of us checking in at children's church June of last year (the weekend before I gave birth).
3. Patience - coupled with Persistence, this is probably the most important part of my organization strategy. Patience help me remember that I am getting 4 people (myself included) ready for church and most of them totally depend on my help to make it happen. Persistence teach me that sticking with this strategy pays off every time. We have smoother mornings and we arrive at church on time for rehearsal. 

QUESTION • Do you have a Sunday Morning strategy to get your family to church on time? I'd love to hear your tips! 
Amanda said...

Impressive! Girl, you sooo need a strategy!

Amanda said...

Impressive! Girl, you sooo need a strategy!

Cintia Listenbee said...

you'd think I had one... trying to implement it right now :)