Describe me in 2 Words

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I love my friends. I was doing some website redesign and I asked them to describe me in 2 words. Here is what they came up with. I'm blessed to have the amazing friends I do. I know I'm loved.

Super Mom
Fellow Writer
Faithful. Healthy.
Great Friend :)
Inspiring Motivator
Awesome Woman
Positive Motivation
Kindness Personified
Loving Mother 
Inspiring Writer
Patient. Optimistic.
Awe Some 
Beautiful spirit
Graciously POWERFUL! 
Sensitive and wise
Godly. Mature. 
Smart Mom
So sweet!
Example. Inspirational. 
Gifted and Inspiring 
Role Model 
Genuine Friend 
Sweet Dynamo

Question: How do you descrive YOURSELF in 2 words?