Rodeo Houston Day

Friday, March 15, 2013

Our family had fun at Rodeo Houston today! This is our second year and I can say that we all had a good time. Well, the baby will enjoy it more when she can walk through it.
Our kids love animals, so the rodeo is one of the activities they look forward to each year. The weather was really cool, so that really helped our enjoyment level.
I have to say that I packed smart: snacks for the kids, juice, water, a bottle for the baby and believe it or not, I packed my lunch! I thought I would feel better about my weight loss journey if I didn't eat Rodeo food. It worked!
Kids Kountry is awesome because it is so interactive. We didn't go to the Petting Zoo but the kids did pet some bunnies. They loved seeing all the animals and spent quite some time talking to them. Super cute!
Last year while pregnant and pushing a double stroller, I thought that 2013 would be a two-people job. We scheduled our visit for a day my husband is off work, so things went really well. I carried the baby on my favorite baby carrier and the big kids stayed in their stroller. Now that I'm thinking about it we got quite a bit of exercise with all the walking around. If the Rodeo is your thing or you want to try it, Rodeo Houston is a good place for families.
If you missed my Video from last year, here it is:
Getting to Know You: Houston Rodeo 2012 [Video]