Teaching Children about Easter

Saturday, March 9, 2013

As soon as Christmas was over I started telling the Easter story to my kids. They really enjoyed the story about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples and the Last Supper story. I decided that now is a great time to teach them, in their own little level, about the story of Easter. People seem to be very concerned about the commercialization of Christmas but I think that Easter suffers from the same malady. Before the kids get deep into Easter egg hunts and all the commercialization that goes along with it, I thought it was wise to tell the story of Easter on our own terms.
It's quite easy. Instead of focusing on other fun stories, I grab the children's Bible and tell them one or two storis surrounding the Easter story. I try to make it fun and interactive as well. For example we all pretend like we're eating the Last Supper.  They really have fun with that part.
I recently heard a Podcast with Creative Ideas for Easter. I'm planning on using one or two on Easter morning before we go to Church.
QUESTION: When do you start teaching your children about Easter? What are some creative ideas to teach children about the true Easter Story?
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