National Running Day 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I celebrated National Running Day by running 5 miles this morning. You know you live in Houston when running in the 80s is considered "cool" weather. 
Happy after my "cool" runnings
 I also submitted my entry to the Houston Marathon in January.
My form is in, now we wait patiently.
This is a dream I have and I believe that with God's help it will come true. My sponsors are backing me up and I am confident that by 2014 I will complete my first marathon.
I hope you know that you still have 29 weeks to work on your dreams and goals for 2013. There is plenty time! So, what is your dream?
Lauren said...

I hope you get into the Houston Marathon, best of luck!!

I couldn't agree more that Houston is crazy when we consider the 80s hot during the summer lol :)