Marathon Success Week 1

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 24-30 marked the beginning of my official marathon training. I plan on giving you guys regular  updates on how the training is going. It has been famously said that "the will to win is nothing without the will to prepare to win." I agree with this quote because from the pro athletes to first timers like me, the success of a marathon rises and falls in the preparation stage. I am taking these 199 days very seriously. 
Week 1 consisted of getting all my miles in as well as working on strengthening my core and other major muscle groups. This has made me incredibly sore but thank God I have been going back and training more, which means that I am becoming stronger. I am also getting educated on proper fueling techniques and re-evaluating how I am spending my calories. My desire is that my body has the fuel it needs to run a marathon as well as do well in the training before. Fuel sounds incredibly boring so when it comes to me, that really means great quality food!
Here is another lesson I learned during my first week of training:

28 weeks seems like a long time but I am not planning on cramming miles. My desire is to get my body stronger and able to cross the finish line injury-free. If you are helping me in prayer, pray that I will have the resilience to go through training and that will finish the Houston Marathon injury-free. Thank you friends!
Action Items:
• Identify a dream or a goal that seems so far away;
• Identify small steps that will get you there;
• Identify weak areas where you need to get stronger;
• Identify who will help you become stronger and ask for help.

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Lauren said...

Praying that you will get through training and the marathon injury-free and happy!

KW said...

You already on the right track by strength training. That is key right now...and fueling your body. I will cheer you on during the marathon.