Marathon Success Week 3

Friday, July 12, 2013

In 189 days I will be running the marathon portion of this course:
New course for the Houston Marathon
I'm excited about it and looking forward to having my first marathon experience. This week I was encouraged by my trainer to push my limits aside and go for a 10-miler. Because last week I went for 9, 10 didn't sound like such as scary thing to attempt.
The runs I registered in this App
It felt good to run 10 miles for the first time. I can say that most of the effort was mental and glory be to God I was able to finish it. I tried a new type of gel this time and the one from last week was much better. Last week's gel was thicker, much easier to swallow on the run. I drank more water this time around as well (16 oz) which was also a great thing to keep me going. Next week I cut back on the mileage and I am always excited about short runs.
My trainer is a lovely friend from church. She's a personal trainer and a sprint runner herself. She has given me some exercises to strengthen my upper, lower body and core as well as help me with my endurance. The first week was brutal. Last week wasn't that bad. This week I'm thinking I will survive. I believe that this cross training will really help me cross the finish line well.
Action Items:
Find a hydration vest - I've been hearing great things about Nathan Vests. I think that a simple belt will do unless I find this vest in the Goodwill.
Complete my cross training - one more session tomorrow!
Eat the correct amount of protein, grains, dairy, fruit and vegetables, oils and water - I tracked successfully this week. I noticed that I should eat more fruit.
List non-food rewards for my runs - haven't done this yet. I do plan on giving myself a much needed pedicure as a reward for running 10 miles yesterday.
Sign up for a 30K - I just found out about a series of prep races for the Houston Marathon. I talked to my sponsor about a local 30K and he's on board to pay for this December race. I'm excited!

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Anonymous said...

Cintia, I am so excited for you! Keep it up! You're one of my fitspirations!

Cintia Listenbee said...

thank you for the love!