Marathon Success: Week 7

Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm 23 weeks away from finishing the Houston Marathon. I'd describe this week in training as interesting. My mileage this week was a bit higher than last week. I went to spinning class and did some core and upper body exercise earlier this week. Last week I skipped lower body but the plan is to do it Sunday. 
1. Nutrition - I'm making good choices and writing things down so I don't forget what I ate and what I need to eat. Nutrition is a big part of training and I intend to get it right before during and after the race.
2. Non-food Rewards - last week's mani/pedi was great. This week the plan is to read 'Born to Run' for 1 hour without interruptions. Lovely! I have a weight loss reward coming up too, which should be amazing.
3. 30K Sign Up - God will provide the entry fee!
4. Hydration - I think I could do better. This will be a top priority starting today.
5. Cross Training - last week I skipped lower body and this week it's the last thing on my plate.

I have 7 more weeks training on my own before I start following my training plan of choice. My goal is to work my way up to at least 13 miles in 7 weeks and go from there. I usually run by myself but this morning I ran 5 miles with a friend I recently met. She's fast which really helped me. I noticed that when I start thinking about random things I slow down. It was nice to run with someone with a faster pace than mine. My earphones went out on mile 5. I tried to listen to my Podcasts anyhow but the sound was distorted. It was actually not a bad experienced, I was able to take on the beautiful scenery and people watch which is always entertaining. Have a great weekend and keep praying for me!

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KW said...

You signed up for a 30k? Wow! ambitions.

I loved Born to Run. It was such a great book and did make me want to sign up for an ultra...if I ever get this darn marathon done.

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