Marathon Success: Week 8

Friday, August 16, 2013

"Don't dread, just get it done" describes this week's training. I believe that the efforts of this week will be evident in 155 Days when I will be finishing the Houston Marathon.
Training is not easy but it's worth it. I do believe you need to be committed to everything that comes before the big day and stay positive. The same God who's been helping me for years will help me cross that finish line. I am aware that training is both mental and physical. I've been telling myself I can run a marathon for 4 years. It will be beautiful to see it come to fruition.
Here's an update:

1. Nutrition - This week I had a few meatless days with a lot of plant protein as a substitute. I'm talking peanut butter and beans. Meatless days are good days.
2. Non-food Rewards - I got to rest today and I'm planning to get a (homemade) mani too.
3. 30K Sign Up - not yet, keep praying folks!
4. Hydration - I found out that the earlier I drink most of my water for the day the easier it is to get this thing under control.
5. Cross Training - happy news: I finished my cross training early this week! What I mean is that I did my least favorite part and I found out that it's no longer making me super sore. I guess I'm getting used to it. I might change it up next week but I'm not sure. What I did do was to run 11 miles today. I never ran that much. Glory to God and thanks to my husband for taking care of the kids while I'm out there training.

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