Marathon Success: Week 9

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We're 21 weeks away from completing the Houston Marathon. One of the number 1 questions I get is "are you training by yourself?" The answer is yes and no. I do most of my runs by myself (haven't found a volunteer to face 11 miles with me yet) and God blessed me with an amazing trainer who helps me get stronger and faster. Her name is Adaeze. Since she came into my fit life almost 3 months ago I became faster and stronger. It's actually fun to have an encourager helping me make progress towards crossing my finish line. She's been keeping tabs of how fast I run (I often surprise myself) as well as other things. I improved during my second fitness test and I finally found out what kind of body fat number I am working with. Let's say, good thing I'm not obsessed with it. I know it's going down as I press towards my health goals.
Adaeze is an awesome trainer, I'm so blessed to know her!
One of my MOPS friends was teaching Spinning class this week so I got a photo of her. I take spinning every other week as cross training. It's a great investment of my time, specially when Allison is involved in it. She's also a great trainer who helped another friend finish a tri recently.
Allison is another awesome trainer!
I haven't been convinced that I need to invest in bodyglide so Vaseline has been a good friend. Chafing sucks, especially when you get surprised by it. I'll be glistening from now on and it's okay because I will not take the chafing pain. => that totally sounded like lyrics for a song :)
One more long run for the books.
Here are other updates:
1. Nutrition - I ate a lot of lentils this week. Found a great recipe for it which means it's part of my go to recipes. I'm so excited about how these lentils taste, it's not even a joke! Here's the recipe.
2. Non-food Rewards - I'm planning on rewarding my long run with lots of rest and reading. I am the kind of person who MUST finish a book before starting another one, so I have one more to go before I really start Born to Run.
3. 30K Sign up - my sponsors are supportive, we'll register soon or later (thanks for the prayers!).
4. Hydration - I've done well most days. I also got out of my way to drink more water on Sunday mornings which has helped me a lot. I have a tendency of drinking a lot of coffee while at church. We spend 6 hours there on Sundays which means I should have a better hydration plan.
5. Cross Training - I'm getting a new plan this week. While I don't I went to spinning and plan on working on abs and upper body. I'm not dreading a new level of muscle soreness.

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KW said...

Thanks for the lentil recipe. I love lentils and trying to find new ways to eat them. And yes, Peanut Butter can be used for everything. I use Sun Butter, which is the same taste and texture, but more nutrients.

Also, I tried this recipe (similar to yours, but not a soup) and I think it's devine!

Cintia Listenbee said...

This is a nice recipe. Thanks for sharing, I'll try it for sure!