The Empowerment Party

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Don't be surprised: I compare myself to others. When I do, I immediately get into a pity party. Andy Stantley's The Comparison Trap series helped me to leave pity alone and embrace self-acceptance. Yesterday was a difficult until I heard this:

Friends, my self-pity went away as I was empowered with the question: What will you do with what you have Cintia? 
My Challenge for you today is to join me as we:
1. Look at the shelf which is our life with Thankfulness and Acceptance;
2. Use our gifts and talents to the glory of God;
3. Stop having pity parties and start having empowerment parties. The focus of an 'Empowerment Party" is not on you but how you can use your gifts and talents to empower others.
Who's up for the Challenge?
Listen/Watch to the whole The Comparison Trap series here.