5 things MomCon Taught me about Myself

Monday, October 21, 2013

MomCon is MOPS International's Annual Convention. Here's what I learned:
1. I'm a morning person - I woke up early every day. Whether I am traveling with family or by myself I really enjoy waking up early and making the best out of the day. Because I was by myself at MomCon I had the chance to do whatever I wanted and I was daily faced with the following options:
2. Hair or exercise? Exercise! - I had time to really work on hair and makeup but I chose to get in the treadmill and get fit. Don't get me wrong: I looked presentable but not on the pageant level. I learned that for the first time in years I didn't have to worry about childcare when I woke up so I happily went running.
3. I have a story to tell - I was part of many amazing workshops and one of my favorite ones was called Sharing your Story masterfully taught by Carol Kuykendall. The workshop taught us to share stories in writing verbally or in MOPS settings. I learned about the elements of a story and I believe this workshop will help me share my stories more effectively to the glory of God.
4. I am saving on my grocery bill - this was one of the most popular workshops and I will blog in detail tomorrow. The speaker gave us 25 tips but challenged us to try two for a while then incorporate more.
5. My anchor is super strong - Beth Moore was my deal maker when it came to this Convention. I didn't want to stand in line to meet her so I took this pic when I walked by her.

I was encouraged to love the word of God with a deeper passion as well as believe that He is my anchor.
I thank God, my husband and my MOPS group for the opportunity to attend MomCon. It was a growing experience which I will forever treasure.
The most important thing I learned is that Zeke is a super dad who took great care of our kids while I was gone! It's good to be back to my normal life.