How to Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month

Monday, October 7, 2013

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. I believe that Thanksgiving as a Habit is the best way to celebrate your pastor. Instead of only remembering clergy in October we should be thankful for their ministry throughout the year. I'm telling you, that unexpected thank you goes a long way. Praying for Pastors is another way to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month.

Here are a few prayer points:
• Health
 • Family
• Peace
• Wisdom
 • For good friends
• For an open heart to God's Word

This is a little unorthodox but I believe that this month we should appreciate all people who work in the ministry but do not have a special appreciation month. This is a great month to buy flowers to your church's Administrative Assistants, show appreciation through Godly inspired actions to Custodians, etc. Without these valuable members of the body of Christ, ministry would be very different than it is. 

Today I want to thank God for all the pastors who had a role in my Christian walk and I want to thank God for friends and family who are clergy. I am especially thankful for my husband, Pastor Zeke Listenbee. I appreciate his generous heart toward's God's people and his passion to see God's Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Happy Pastor Appreciation Month!