I believe in Dreams

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I enjoy dreaming. Mostly the good ones. I believe God speaks through dreams. He did it in the Bible and I believe He still speaks through dreams today. I believe that God wants us to keep dreaming. I know about a lot of people who had dreams of going to college and their dreams came true. Others dream of getting married and God blessed them with a family. I believe it's important to keep dreaming because dreams make our lives filled with possibilities. I believe in Dreams, do you? Some dreams are bigger than us but I dare to suggest that we all have dreams that can be achieved within a certain amount of time. 
My question for you is, what are you dreaming about? 
Go ahead and write it down, that's the first step into seeing those dreams come to reality. 
Goodnight friends but most of all, good dreams to all.
Jen said...

Cintia - I so agree, God speaks through dreams and that although the enemy souls wants to rob us from our hopes...God still wants us dreaming! Blessings, Jen