Insatiable Strength

Monday, December 16, 2013

It seems that the last time we moved it was a big deal. Moving is still a big deal and I have learned that if I'm negative, the experience will mimic my thought pattern. I started this move by by focusing on Isaiah 40:31 and taking on God's strength instead of my own. I also kept telling myself that it would be easy. I enlisted the help of my friends - thank God for friends! I heard someone say that in order to find out who your true friends are, you should wait until you have to move. The person moving the couch with you is your true friend. In my case, also the people taking care of our kids so we can pack and move are our friends. I thank God for friends and I love them very much! 
Unpacking has been an ongoing process. No one likes to live off boxes, so I am unpacking slowly but surely. We started by completely unpacking the kitchen. In my opinion, once we start cooking we are a full working home. 
We had a few challenges during the week but I kept reminding myself that they were simply first world problems. Guess what? Those issues went away within a couple of days. First World problems go away quickly.
It's Christmas time and we have been looking forward to this season for the longest time. We were all so excited to get our tree up and decorate! I think that after we were done with the kitchen we started looking for the Christmas decor. The kids were super excited about that. They also made sure to make the funniest faces to every picture we tried to take yesterday.  
I tried my best not to skip exercising last week because yesterday I ran my first 30K (18.6 miles) race. I'll give you all the details tomorrow! I had to exercise during different times last week but thank God I got it done. Keeping that small (really big) piece of normalcy was the key to a great move. 
One of my friends reminded me that moving less than a week from a 30K and right before Christmas is a big deal. I agree. The fact is that we could not have made it without totally relying on God's strength and guidance. 
This move have taught me several things but the main lesson I learned is that I have an insatiable source of strength in God. I'm holding on to Isaiah 40:31 for good!
QUESTION: What has moving taught you?