Lowlights and the Highlights of 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I'm really enjoying everyone's highlights of 2013 on Social Media. The more highlight videos I watched on Instagram, the more puzzled I became. I was sad because my year had a lot of lowlights. 
I had challenges in my marriage. The cute date pictures an App would choose as my highlight for the year knows nothing about the low moments we went through. It was because of those low moments that we emerged more unified in our relationship. I'm thinking there might be something good about the lowlights of my year. 
Another lowlight of my year was the death of both my grandmothers. I can't begin to tell you how sad I still am because of these losses, 6 weeks apart from each other. There's no selfies of myself crying on Social Media or any pictures of me trying to be a good mother while suffering the pain of grief. Some lowlights just suck. A last lowlight of my year has to do with the stress of unfulfilled friendship expectations. I clearly brought this one on myself and I learned my lesson the hard way. I am thinking that this lowlight taught me not to be frustrated but to accept people as they present themselves to me.
I love looking at the happy faces and the happy places that are the highlights of everyone's year on social media. It's just hard to ignore that life (at least mine) is also full of the lowlights which makes the highlights much, much brighter.