My Biggest Influencers of 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Influence is power and to be influential is a blessing. I want to tell you about a wonderful group of influential people who tangibly changed the way I live my life in 2013.
Pastor Steve and Donna at our Pastor's Appreciation luncheon

Pastor Steve and Donna Banning - The Bannings are a blessing to me because of their approach to God. Pastor and Donna are the Senior Pastors of our church so I am blessed to listen to their teaching each week. Our family is planted at our church and I believe we flourish as we not only listen to the sermons at church but we apply it in our daily lives. This year I decided to soak in the teaching of the Word of God which really helped me move forward. I am thankful for the ministry of Pastor Steve and Donna Banning and I look forward to growing more in the years to come.
Mary Willis teaching.
Mary Willis - Mary is the founder and Teacher of Merry Ministries, an interdenominational Women's Bible Study in my area. Mary teaches the Bible in a clear, accurate and practical manner. As I sit every week and receive the teaching, my soul is refreshed. As I study the Bible on my own, I feel empowered and less intimidated because of the information I learn at Merry Ministries. I am so thankful to God for putting Mary in my life!

Zig Ziglar - I started listening to Zig's Podcast when I first moved to Texas. Those were difficult months that became hopeful because of his teaching. This year I took his 7 steps to success and actually moved forward with some of my health goals. I am currently reading one of the last ebooks he wrote and I am benefiting from it.
Zeke and I on Christmas Day
Zeke Listenbee - my husband is a great influencer because I am steady leaning on his wise insight. I am thankful for his wisdom. It has been interesting to see how much wisdom God deposited in my husband just for me. I can talk to him about pretty much anything and I can always count on him to help me make the right decisions. This year we celebrated 10 years together and I can surely say that I have been blessed because of my husband's influence. I like the fact that his humanity and his spirituality coexist and are displayed beautifully together.
Fort Bend Fit Christmas party after our 17-mile run.
Fort Bend Fit - God gave me the blessing of my running group this Fall. I was longing for support, advice and friendship and God gave me that and so much more through this group. Each week I can count on expert advice, solid support and a great group of folks from every walk of life who just love running. My running group has influenced me because I can see the results that the members get and I too want to enjoy those benefits. I thank God for Fort Bend Fit!

Tell me, who were your biggest influencers in 2013?