Putting myself in the Picture

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I made this bad collage of myself a few years ago. It's supposed to represent me and the actual winners of a marathon. It was my simple way to put myself in the picture. As I make my way to the Start Line of the Houston Marathon tomorrow, I am absolutely convinced that there is power in having goals and actually seeing yourself achieving them.
Photoshop gone bad: me and marathon winners

This is a picture of me after my first 5K. I was just so thrilled to have achieve that goal at 10 weeks of pregnancy, it was awesome.
10 weeks pregnant at my first 5K.

I went back to running after having my first heir. It wasn't my fastest time but I was so happy to be back competing again!
Zion is wondering what's going on!
After my second child was born I decided to really get back to running and challenged myself to run 3 5Ks by the end of July of 2011 sounded like a good idea. Here is a photo a Clyde, NC race.
The kids loved getting race food. Bananas are our favorite!
You can say that I learned to enjoy competing and found a great respect for the running community. I also found a greater love and appreciation for my family. My reason for running was to be healthier for them.
Hey mamãe, can we get out of the sun?
I'm so thankful to God (and I make sure I tell Him)  for every finish line crossed. This is a video I made when I reached my goal in 2011

Firecracker 5K Run: I reached my Goal from Cintia Listenbee on Vimeo.

Coming to Texas didn't deter me from pursuing running. It was great to find a big running community here. My first Texas race in April of 2013 was remarkable.
My first 10K race! So fun!!!
By the time I finished my 30K I had already joined my running group. It's been a blessing to belong to such a great group of supportive people. They really encouraged me to keep running.
I like bling and I can't deny. Medals are fun.
Now, if I can just keep them all in one place...
I am thankful to God for all the experience I gained these past 30 weeks. I am looking forward to joining the fun of my first marathon. I think the question people are asking the  most is, "What are you eating the night before?" I think it will be rice, beans and chicken, our usual staple in the Listenbee household.
My friend Stuart made me this Vision board. 

I count on your prayers as we get closer and closer to the finish line. Yep, that's what I'm mean: I'm believing God we're gonna run a strong race and cross the finish line. 
my friend Melanie made me this. I love it!

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