Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fitness Forecast 2014

Hey friends, this is my Fitness Forecast for this year. Compared to last year, I added 988 miles to my report. Here are the numbers and what I plan to do:
I want to train smarter in 2014 - I have started strengthening my core in order to do that. Being consistent with strength training is not my forte but this year I want to make it a habit. Last year I dropped lower body strength training so quick at the sign of pain and I haven't really been back to it. This year I want to be smart about it. Adding strength training to my schedule will allow my body to be strong in other areas and will help me run stronger.

I want to eat better in 2014 - I ate pretty well in 2013. My doctor's report was excellent but believe me, I can push it to the next level. Making sure that I fill my every meal with fruits, vegetables and legumes is the challenge of the year. I know that there are always better food choices to be made and this year I want to make them on purpose. It start with my grocery list.

I want to run another Marathon - Finishing the Houston Marathon was a dream come true and I want to finish another Marathon. I would love to run the Chicago Marathon but in case I don't get in through their lottery system I will shoot for running at home again. I loved every aspect of Houston and I want to do it again. I might even try to run Sugar Land if Houston doesn't happen but we will see. I also want to run sub 5 (under 5 hours).

I understand that the magic of long distance running is in the every day, mundane things you do. The marathon was simply the last 26 miles out of 1,260 miles I ran.

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