New year, old problems

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Every year is filled with new possibilities. Each possibility is quickly challenged by old problems that constantly follow you. So there you stand, in a new year, filled with old problems.
Yes, you can believe in yourself and finally lose the weight in 2014. Remember you will be greeted with the lack of self-control that followed you here. 
This is the year your money won't act funny and you will think and grow rich. This is good news til you are faced with the temptation to spend like there's no tomorrow. The only spending plan you have is the plan to spend now. 
The newness of 2014 is wearing out and the old problems are starting to trickle in. How do you make sure you don't live through a rerun? 

1. Establish clear Boundaries - Whether you want to improve your health, your finances or your fitness, we can all benefit from having clear Boundaries. When you set Boundaries you make sure that you put a limit on what you will or won't do. For example, if you are trying to be a better steward of your finances and you have well established boundaries, you will not make emotional purchases because your budget is your boundary. When taking better care of your nutritional intake you will stay away from foods that are not essential to your wellness because you have clear Boundaries on what you will and will not eat. I encourage you not to see Boundaries as prisons but as a pathway to freedom. 

2. Stick with your Convictions - Conviction is a strong belief or opinion. As we get out of the emotional high of a new year and walk through the nitty-gritty season of the year, it is essential not only to have convictions but to stick with them. I see my convictions as the "why" of a matter. The reason why I decided to stick with a 30-week marathon training season was because I was convicted that effectively training for a marathon was going to assure that my arrival to the finish line was going to be strong and I was going to get there injury-free. As a Christian woman I live by a set of convictions that are reflected in my character. I believe the word of God and I strive to stand by my convictions. As you and I are seeking to be successful in our 2014 goals, we need to know what our convictions are as well as have the courage to stand by them. When everyone around you is engaging in unhealthy eating, you stand by your convictions. When your own feelings may try to persuade you to skip your preferred form of exercise, you stick by your convictions, you remember your "why." I encourage you to know your convictions for they are the perfect reflection of your character. 

3. Rely on God's Guidance. I love the excitement of a brand new year although my optimism is blind. You and I do not know what awaits us in 2014. I am thankful that I serve a God who does. He, who knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10), is ready and willing to guide and restore us (Psalm 23:2). God has a great plan for me and it is imperative that I rely on his guidance as I navigate through 2014. When we spend time with the Ruler of the universe, we give Him permission to invade our space and permeate us with His love. I encourage you to rely on God's guidance as you make daily progress towards your goals and dreams.

Every year is filled with new possibilities. With God, each possibility is quickly greeted by goodness and mercy that constantly follow you. So there you stand, in a new year, filled with hope.

Boundaries Teaching (Jentzen Franklin)

Boundaries Teaching (Chip Judd)
Convictions Teaching (Dr. Charles Stanley)