Sit a while my Friend

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I dedicate this post to every friend who takes the time to sit a while with me. - Cintia

Come over and sit a while my friend. I won’t clean my house if you won’t clean yours. I won’t wear makeup if you won’t. I long to see you as you are, the real you.

Move the toys and find a spot to sit my friend. I promise you will be comfortable at my house. This is a place of peace. This is a place where we can be real, no masks allowed.

We can talk about whatever you choose my friend. I can babble about whatever subject you choose but do know that as I am focused on you I am praying for you. I am listening with my ear but I am getting good at listening with my heart. That’s what friends do for one another: they listen with the heart.

Sometimes God will direct our conversation in a way that you and I get relief, direction or simply peace. Even when these amazing things don’t happen, God is still there, in the midst of our togetherness, He nurtures our friendship.

Come over and sit a while my friend. Whether you had a bad or an okay day, it’s about to get even better. The focus of our friendship is to cause growth in you and I. We’re never stagnant you know? Either we’re growing or not. My heart is that we can always develop as individuals and friends. Growth might come through an increased sense of trust as we share our hearts year after year. We may also grow as we work through differences that will not keep us apart. We will learn how to forgive offenses and overcome unforgiveness.

Do come and sit a while my friend because the internet won’t do it. It is when we see face to face that the magic of real friendship happens. Your voice inflection and body language can be masked behind the screen. Come over and sit a while so we can be transparent.

My friend, it is through transparency that Light shines brighter and oh, how you shine.
Becky said...

I love what you wrote here, it's the way I feel when I talk to someone I know I can truly trust. No reason to hide behind some social mask.

Amanda said...

Podemos sentar com uma tela no meio? Pra gente é assim que dá né? A propósito, estou de férias até semana que vem. Vamos tomar um café? Bjos!

Amy W said...

Beautiful post. So true - you're either growing or you're not. It's so hard for me personally to be transparent with others, but God is working on me. God's Light does shine through our transparency!