Oh Monday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

I got tired of seeing the I hate Mondays posts on Social Media so I decided to make my own. Don't let dread become a common thing in your life friend. You lose when you dread. The trend is to dread most of your week (and your life) which is not wise at all. I read on a Zig Ziglar book that "worry is the engine of negative thinking" and I think that dread keeps that engine well oiled. 
It is part of being human to dread I believe but we shouldn't dwell in dread. I want to encourage you and I to set our minds on succeeding. Instead of dreading our lack of motivation, let's think about our goals and let's go after them. 
Don't cultivate dread, instead, focus on taking steps towards success. 
Question: What steps will you take towards your goals today?
KW said...

I am planning to get these specs completed and off my plate today. I have about five more to go, but I have been lazy. Not today.

And thanks for the reminder about Monday. It's like the movie Office Space, he hated hearing people say, "Oh you have a case of the Mondays."