Spring Forward to your Change

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 9th marked the day where most of the US started observing Daylight Saving Times. We call it ‘Spring Forward’ (and we made up a silly song about it) at our house. Regardless of your personal feelings, we’re all following the same time system. One of the advantages of it is to enjoy the daylight in the mornings and lighter evenings. I hear it’s supposed to save energy too.

I believe we can also Spring Forward into the life we always wanted to live. What if, you could simply set your internal clock forward and start living in a new way? Let’s say your goal is to be more organized. You would set your clock forward and live as an organized person lives. You would do what it takes to maintain that lifestyle and you would reap the benefits of your organization.
The same principle can be applied to success in your studies. Ask yourself, how does a successful student lives? Well, as you set your internal clock forward, you will find out that a successful student not only studies the material but masters it. A successful student completes all their assignments. A successful student maintains communication with their teacher in order to better understand what needs to be done to pass their class.

I hope you are beginning to understand that change can come in different seasons. Some people changed their internal clocks January 1 but some of us needed a little more time in order to achieve our goals. The important thing to remember is that your change is within reach. Spring Forward into your change my friend!

When I decided to be a healthier person, I changed my internal clock and started living as a healthy person lives. In my opinion, a healthier person:
• Eats nutrition rich foods;
• Knows what moderation looks like;
• Counts on a Doctor for regular checkups and advice;
• Drinks plenty of water daily;
• Exercises;
• Learns from their mistakes;
• Rests and relaxes;
• Measures the quality of their life not by a number on the scale but abundance in all areas of life.

I’m not sure what’s making you frustrated today my friend but I’m guessing that might be an area of life you can Spring Forward to your Change.

Before you go to sleep, set change your internal clock and begin to live the life you always wanted.