Happy Running: fighting Dread

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My last week of preparation to run The Green 6.2 was busy but we got it done. It seems like I did a good amount of cross training. Spinning has been my activity of choice for the past year because it's convenient and it gets the job done. It's been so hot in Houston that you feel it in the Cycle Studio too. 
Spinning is a great cross training activity
 I hope that Group Exercise instructors know how inspiring they can be. One of the best quotes I heard from my instructor was "we didn't get up this early to hang out." I said to myself, she's right! I gave it all I had plus a little bit more. Here's the result: 
Sweating is a great reward for my many efforts in the gym.
I was also able to complete all my core training exercises this week. It's always a great week when I get those completed as I should. I do core training to help me with my run (just like all the other training). This week I also got to hang out a lot with this amazing man:
I love my Zeke.
We had a district conference happening at the church this week and we led worship during the conference. Being at the conference meant late nights for our family but thank God I still got up on time to train for the 10K. Except for last Sunday, I try to do all my training in the morning. This week I had to fight (and win) the battle with dread when it came to training during a busy week. Dread does not help anyone. Dreading training hurts training so I had to set my alarm clock and tell myself 'you're doing this sister.' 
Next time I post I will tell you how the Green 6.2 went. Come back next week for a fun race recap and to find out if I reached my goals for the race. Have an awesome weekend!