Happy Running: Got it Done!

Monday, April 21, 2014

I had a pretty intense week personally so I'm calling this week the 'got it done' week. Here's the thumbs up after last night's 8-miler. 
8 miles and happy about it!
I missed my group run on Saturday so I faced the heat on Sunday afternoon and got it done thanks to my running buddy Janica and my husband of course. The breeze was nice out there, so that made the whole thing even better.  
Durward Davis (right) and our worship team
Easter Sunday was so joyful! Our special guest musician was Durward Davis. It is an honor to sing with our amazing worship team and our whole worship department. God is so good to us! Here is a family
I'm so blessed to have these amazing people in my life daily.
I cross trained a lot last week. I also focused on core training which is always good. My goal is to keep that up this week. While running outside one day, it was lightning. I have never ran so fast and prayed harder! Of course I didn't look at the weather forecast before going out and the rain looked like so far away but it kinda got close to me but never got me. Just for the records, no one should be outside in these weather conditions. 
This week I get to run the Green 6.2. The big surprise is that for the second time, my husband and I are running the same race. I ran with him during our church's first 5K last October and now we are going to be on the same race again. Zeke is my greatest supporter and sponsor (he pays for everything and keeps the kids while I train) so it will be so cool to run the Green 6.2 with him. We're both super excited! 
I pray you have a successful week. My dear friend Lauren asked me why I wanted to run the Chicago marathon so I recorded a quick podcast on the subject. Enjoy!
Lauren said...

Great job on your workouts this week! I am so happy to hear y'all had a Happy Easter! :0)

Best of luck at the Green 6.2 this weekend!!

Lisa Henley Jones said...

I'm so excited that you and Zeke will be running together this weekend! Best of luck at the green6.2 Saturday. I can't be there (cub scout campout with my son) but I'll still be cheering you on. :-)

Cintia Listenbee said...

thank you dear friends!