5 Things you Can't see in this Before and After Photo

Thursday, August 21, 2014

1 • Jesus has been the foundation of my transformation. It all started when my mind was transformed (Romans 12:2) and I was able to see what the will of God was for my life. 7 years ago my health was suffering and I made the choice of involving God in my journey.
2 • I read the book "You are not what you Weigh" by Lisa Bevere. This book really helped me transform my mind when it came to my health journey. Other than the Bible, I can say Lisa's book was highly influential in my health change. I highly recommend it.
3 • I can't give credit to one method. People think that I lost weight because of running but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I have tried different methods that help me find balance in nutrition and exercise. I haven't really 'dieted' in these past years and it has been revolutionary. To know that God, who created me, holds the key to my health has been the reason why I don't need to diet any more. I prayed and God told me what to do in order to remain healthy and that has been a blessing. I believe that God can do the same thing for you if you ask for His guidance.
4 • I was blessed with 3 wonderful children. Pastor Karen Morgan from N.C. helped me so much when she told me that in the life cycle women, our weight goes up and down. Pregnancy is one of those times when the weight goes up. Because God changed my mindset, it was easier to get back to a healthy weight after each pregnancy. I can also say that each time my weight went up it was a learning opportunity.
5 • I have a loving husband who is my greatest supporter and encourager. Zeke has been there for me and I am so thankful. He didn't have to motivate me daily or make me do what it took to be healthy. He was simply a constant source of courage, joy and affirmation. I appreciate him for listening to all the new things I learned. I am aware that he is the primary beneficiary from my change. I thank God for Zeke and I thankful that he has been blessed in his own health journey. 

I love to encourage others to seek God and find the ultimate solution for their health. God is a very present help and I am a witness that He will lead you and guide you in the way you should go. I hope that you go to God today and ask Him for His guidance. Do leave me a comment and let me know how this will work for you. Have an abundantly blessed day!
Lauren said...

Love this post Cintia! Losing weight is so much more than just the numbers! :0)